Sample is the main
focus of our business
and studies where
the panel is the core component of our project involvement is an area
that we are particularly proud of delivering.




Sample is the main focus of our business

Sample is the main focus of our business. We are particularly proud of delivering studies where the panel is at the core of our involvement. Our Consumer, Business, and Specialty Panels are where we offer the widest range of online sample options.

By building out our panel using qualitative techniques and bringing them to quantitative research, we are likely to have panelists that aren’t in the other panels. Usually, we can execute your entire project with just our panel, but we know that there are also times when a blended approach is required. Our team will multi-source and blend a panel for you, or we can join your ongoing project. Either way, there may be some overlap.

Our principal is that you only pay for the completes that benefit your project. If you find overlap or just aren’t happy with the result of a particular panelist, let us know and that complete will be removed from the cost of your project. We are committed to excellence, and we stand by that in every way.


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